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Historical Reproductions

Description of some of the reproductions done by Zina Studios Inc

Hillwood Museum, Washington, D.C.

Supplied two wallpapers: rose-colored wall floral all-over from old document. Obtained specially embossed paper as ground.

Leaved grid on silver foil: received distorted photographs from museum and an 18"x12" cut of the actual wall. Zina enlarged photograph to scale, corrected distortions, drew up films and constructed 3 screens; printed on silver foil.

Nightingale-Brown House, R.I.

(for the founders of Brown University)

Reproduced from existing scrap. Obtained special rag-content ground dyed to order with an uneven coating to simulate 18th century paper. Distressed screens to reproduce defects of the original and printed with textile paints to obtain the softness of the historic color.

Belle Meade Plantation, Nashville, TN

Reproduced very wide frieze from torn, water damaged and faded document. Original colors had to be determined by chemical analysis. Design were missing and had to be "rediscovered". Used specially dyed paper; printed with paints mixed with pearlized tints to reproduce the original "mica" effect.

Crawford-Clarkson House, Columbia, S.C.

Reproduced wallpapers for two parlors, a companion for the hallways from fire-damaged documents; recreated border from photograph of the room.

Newport Mansions, R.I.

Several rooms in several mansions. Reproduced from documents submitted by the Preservation Society. For "Kingscote" reproduced, recreated by hand a grid with all defects of the original.

Lotus Flower-Private Client

Reproduced large frieze from scraps sent by client - Researched in museums for correct motifs.

Mills Mantion, Staatsburg, N.Y.

Using a 100 year-old original Swiss embroidered cotton net curtain pattern, redesigned it to fit specifications of the room in question. Curtains woven and embroidered abroad.

Longfellow House, Cambridge, MA.

Reproduced a stitch-woven floral pattern ascertaining the print would have a "stitched" appearance - for some furniture.

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