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About Us

ZINA STUDIOS is an art and design firm which creates, reproduces and manufactures exclusive hand-screened, custom colored fabrics and wallcoverings, panels and borders.

Founded some years ago by Madame Zina, owned by Count and Countess Bobrinskoy, the firm supplied such design legends as Elsie De Wolfe, Nancy McClelland, Elizabeth Draper, Sister Parish and-for many years Albert Hadley plus his outstanding design children.

Zina fabrics and wallcoverings are in the homes of the Vanderbilts, Astors, Mellons, Rockefellers, Roosevelts, Coolidges, Fords etc, as well as in the Octagon House, the
Corcoran Gallery, Hillwood Museum all in Washington, D.C. the Longfellow House, Cambridge, Mass. etc. Limiting themselves to two/three top Interior Designers in the area, Zina Studios gives extreme care to the composition and execution of their orders. Now, ZINA STUDIOS has opened its expertise to all persons of good taste- tired of the "sameness" everywhere. And it is not more costly.

ZINA STUDIOS has been involved in important restorations commissioned by Preservation Societies and historic buildings. Their first such project - for the Cameron-Stanford House, Oakland, CA., using the Passion Flower design, led to the discovery that it was the original paper in the bedroom of Chateau-sur-Mer, Newport, R.I. (Mrs Wetmore's room). Zina Studios was commissioned to reproduce these papers and many more for other mensions there. It also appeared that Miss Edith Wetmore (last of the Wetmores)- an early client of Zina's used some of our own patterns there. it was quite a surprise to see them in various rooms in the mansions (cf. Richard Nylander: "Wallpapers for Historic Buildings, 2nd edition). And we should not forget Mrs Brooke Astor for whom many designs were produced.

Simultaniously, ZINA STUDIOS continues to enrich its collection with more contemporary designs and offers a wide variety of fine grounds to use for the prints.

Following are pictures of our "Chinese Blossoms" is some of the hundreds of colorways ZINA STUDIOS printed it, plus several others just to show the versatility and endless possibilities.

Loan samples are available. Strike-offs can be ordered.

Do let us hear from you, or ask your Interior Designer to call us.

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