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Under seven layers of peeling wallcoverings, or under a coat of cracked paint, you get a glimpse of something exquisite. THIS is what I want But HOW???

45 South Third Avenue, Mt.Vernon, NY 10550
914-667-6004; Fax:914-667-6004; e-mail:

Do you want to be UNIQUE? It is difficult in today's standardised world. But you CAN do it for your home - via ZINA STUDIOS.

Made only for YOU, you can order the pattern you like, in the colors you want, on the fabric or wallcovering you prefer, in the quantity you need - DIRECTLY from ZINA STUDIOS. Patterns may be classical - period - floral - geometric - fantasy - contemporary, or you can create your own. You can send ZINA STUDIOS a picture of what you saw on the cracked wall (we even had a piece of wall sent to us - not returnable!!!) and VOILA! you have a unique decor for your home.

About Us

ZINA STUDIOS is an art and design firm which creates, reproduces and manufactures exclusive hand-screened, custom colored fabrics and wallcoverings, panels and borders.

Founded some years ago by Madame Zina, owned by Count and Countess Bobrinskoy, the firm supplied such design legends as Elsie De Wolfe, Nancy McClelland, Elizabeth Draper, Sister Parish and-for many years Albert Hadley plus his outstanding design children.

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